Logistics and Warehousing Facilities

What makes us different?

As a leader of food distribution, Truebell specializes in bringing value and efficiencies to every phase of the supply chain. With over 30 years of experience serving the world’s largest system of Retailers, Hotels and restaurant chains, adhering to the most rigorous standards, we understand your operational needs. With nationwide reach and local presence, we bring together world-class expertise, logistics, technology and promotion services to give you a supply chain advantage—one that helps you to order with certainty, promote with confidence and profit for the long term.


Superior logistics execution means customer orders are filled correctly, delivered on time, and without compromising product quality and safety. To accomplish this, Truebell has invested in a network of 6 modern distribution centers covering every street in the UAE. In all of our locations, we employ the most reliable and efficient end-to-end automation systems and distribution infrastructure in the industry.

Some of the logistics solutions that we utilize to deliver more than 50 Million Pounds of food and beverage products annually to locations throughout the UAE:

Over 200,000 square feet of warehouse space, including more than 100,000 square feet of refrigerated and frozen space.

Pick by bin code – following FEFO tracking system to provide real-time feedback on order progress in addition to virtually eliminating selection errors. Unique insights on product performance, sales trends and customer buying patterns.

One of the most modern fleets totaling 50 vehicles multi-temperature controlled trailers to transport dairy and frozen products and other perishables at their optimum temperatures. 

Direct Merchandising In-House Bakery Chefs 10,000 Pallet Locations 20 Countries Multi-Lingual Staff AIR & SEA